Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Girls Night In! Part One.

A few weeks ago, I decided to have a Girls Night IN.  A lot of my friends can't find sitters to go out on Fri/Sat nights, so I figured maybe staying in would work out better.  And, it did!  Everyone I invited showed up.  I sort of went "Pinterest happy" with the goodies, but it was sooooo yummy!  I'll post one thing now, then do a separate post for each item I made (with the exception of deviled eggs...I made those, but they're not a Pinterest find). 

Cute little sign I made for the event invite on Facebook

I thought it would be super cute to have a little present for all the girls, so I made these glitter wine glasses (click here to see the pin)!  They were surprisingly easy, and didn't cost a fortune.  Everyone loved them, and that they got to take them home!  

{Supplies Needed: Wine glasses, Glitter, Mod Podge, Glitter sealer, & foam brush.}
Don't feel like making them?  Email me (beachgirlheather @ for a price!  :)

Of course, there was plenty of wine to fill the glasses (and some non-alcoholic sparkly for my preggo friend)!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY: Hand Scrub

I LOVE Bath and Body Works' 60 Second Manicure Hand Scrub.  No matter how many times I apply lotion my hands always seem dry, however, when I use this scrub followed by a nice hand cream, my hands are super hydrated and soft!!!!

Imagine my delight when I saw a "copycat recipe" for this on Pinterest (click here for the pin)!  So excited! 

As you can see, I just reused the Bath and Body Works container, but you can use any small container (mason jars, Rubbermaid containers, etc).  I used Palmolive's Soft Touch, but you can use any hand soap or body wash that you like the smell of an/or moisturization of.  There is no specific "formula", just add sugar and soap until you reach the desired consistency.  Nice and easy!  It worked just as well as the Bath and Body Works, but is sooo much cheaper!  I will definitely be using this "recipe" a lot!