Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Girls Night In! Part One.

A few weeks ago, I decided to have a Girls Night IN.  A lot of my friends can't find sitters to go out on Fri/Sat nights, so I figured maybe staying in would work out better.  And, it did!  Everyone I invited showed up.  I sort of went "Pinterest happy" with the goodies, but it was sooooo yummy!  I'll post one thing now, then do a separate post for each item I made (with the exception of deviled eggs...I made those, but they're not a Pinterest find). 

Cute little sign I made for the event invite on Facebook

I thought it would be super cute to have a little present for all the girls, so I made these glitter wine glasses (click here to see the pin)!  They were surprisingly easy, and didn't cost a fortune.  Everyone loved them, and that they got to take them home!  

{Supplies Needed: Wine glasses, Glitter, Mod Podge, Glitter sealer, & foam brush.}
Don't feel like making them?  Email me (beachgirlheather @ for a price!  :)

Of course, there was plenty of wine to fill the glasses (and some non-alcoholic sparkly for my preggo friend)!!

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