Thursday, August 1, 2013

Girls Night In, Part 2.

By far, the fav "dessert" goodie that I made were the Reese's PB Cup Cheesecakes (click here for original pin)!  There were only a couple left over when all the girls were gone!  They were delicious, and EASY!  Seriously, I'm not sure there is an easier, tastier "no-bake" dessert to be found!  ;)

Reese's PB Cup Cheesecakes w/graham crumbs and choc chips

Close up version, so you can see the PB Cup on bottom.....delicious!

My mom LOVES peanut butter/pb cups, so for her birthday, I used the same no-bake mix and made a full size cheesecake, and put chopped up pb cups on top (pic below) instead of making (or buying) a cake.  


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